Reliability and Performance

Despite the fact that these machines allow the unblocking and cleaning of pipes at high speed, the manufacturing quality of these accompanied by a first-rate design represents a guarantee of extraordinary reliability.


The vast majority of operators worldwide for work on “trenchless” pipelines trust and work with PICOTE technology.


Being a service provider in the field of sewerage, the machine manufacturer PICOTE is constantly developing new tools and products to optimize the quality and ergonomics of work on construction sites.

Our Products

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  • Maxi Power Plus Cutters
    The award-winning Smart Cutter but bigger. New lightweight hubs with 6 or 8 side...
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  • Maxi Miller
    Picote Milling Machines are designed with safety and efficiency in mind, to work with a...
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  • Mini Miller
    The Mini Miller is equipped with specially produced, highly flexible performance outer casing for the shaft which is durable, flame, abrasion and chemically resistant with a high continuous service temperature.
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  • The New Super Midi Miller
    The new Super Midi Miller replaces the older a Midi Miller with powerful upgrades for drain cleaning and reinstatements from DN70/3” to DN150/6”.
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  • Maxi Miller Power Plus
    Picote Milling Machines are designed with safety and efficiency in mind, to work with a...
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  • The New Mini Cleaner
    The Mini Cleaner is a high-speed option for cleaning, descaling and blockage...
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  • The Smart Cutter
    The Smart Cutter™ not only eliminates the need for traditionally expensive methods...
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  • Twister Metal Grinder
    The Twister Metal Grinder quickly and efficiently grinds most metals, including nails...
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  • Twister Concrete Remover
    Removes concrete, grout, slurry and large rocks. May be used to grind offsets in clay and...
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  • Mini Smart Sweeper
    Picote introduces the Mini Smart Sweeper product family providing more efficiency...
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Our Services

Thanks to the machines offered by DRAINATECH, your pipes will be so clean that you can directly apply a repair jacket, especially if your site does not allow you to use the high pressure cleaning technique.

Support center

An infinite amount of instructional videos are available on the internet, all subjects are covered. Picote Institute


If necessary, any distribution is carried out on site.

Improved efficiency

Each player in the sector knows very well that conventional mechanical cleaning machines are severely limited, mainly in terms of cleanliness of the pipeline after an intervention.

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