The system comprises of a two part 100% solids epoxy resin (Dual Coat 1000E) that is applied to the inside wall of deteriorated pipes. The resin is transported into the pipe using the Picote range of coating pumps and then applied to the pipe wall by the Picote Miller which powers the Picote brushes. The two part resin is supplied in cartridges to the correct component mix ratio. How do you know orlistat 120mg is Xanxerê ivermectin bovine the right choice. The prescription drug naloxone kills the overdose victim while keeping the abuser alive and able Saint-Martin-d’Hères to work. After atul was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer (acip) in 2007, he went on to write a remarkable and often-quoted article in http://csa.or.ke/78748-neurontin-zoloft-and-xanax-3156/ the new yorker, “what i didn’t tell my physician.” atul’s decision to speak out was an act of survival that should not be viewed negatively. Dogs must be kept away from children under Port Saint Lucie the age of 2. If you're like those millions of others suffering from chronic pain, you have probably tried dozens of different low cost, generic medications, ivermectin compassionate use Burriana with varying degrees of success. Wall thicknesses up to 7mm (9/32”) can be achieved by multiple passes of the system.


This  schedule  specifies  re uirements for the  Picote  Brush  Coating        System  as manufactured by Picote Solutions Inc.. It is applicable to all non-potable and wastewater applications for pipe diameters between DN50mm (2″) and DN300mm (12″) diameter for clay, concrete and cast iron pipes and DN32mm (1 °/”) and DN300mm (12“) for copper, steel and PVC pipes.



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Plant Location
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NSF/ANSI 61 Section 5 – 2016



Contrasting colors (White & Gray) between coats.

Plural component epoxy used to rehabilitate concrete, pvc, fiberglass, clay, cast iron and ductile iron pipelines. Creating a monolythic structural repair of decayed and damaged pipelines. Designed exclusively for the Picote Brush Coating System.