Maxi Power Plus Cutters

Maxi Power Plus Cutters

Technical Specification

Smart Cutter™ DN100 – DN300 / 4”-12”.

The award-winning Smart Cutter but bigger.
New lightweight hubs with 6 or 8 side grinding panels. Hollow hub and shortened panels keep the weight down for larger tools. Make rein-statements and remove inconsistencies, wrinkles and collapsed liner faster than ever before.

Special adapter available to enable using the DN100/4” Smart Cutter 6-panel hub with the Maxi Plus. DN100/4” inside straight pipe only.

DN150/6” Smart Cutter 6-panel hub version for Maxi Miller Power Plus 18mm/¾” shaft only.
DN200-300/8” – 12” Smart Cutter 8-panel hub version for Maxi Miller Power Plus 18mm ¾” shaft only.